The Making Of

Naming and branding for B Corp clothing manufacturer who wears its ethics on its sleeve.

The Making Of is a sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturer, selling clothing and accessories to customers in the UK and beyond. Already established in the schoolwear market as One+All, Hello Morning was tasked with creating the new brand from scratch, to serve the workwear sector.

Image from case study
Image from case study

The Making Of tone of voice is bold, simple and confident. With the name at the heart of the copy, the brand is able to speak to its own credentials as well as the ambition of its customers. It does this with wit, brevity and humour, never using ten words, when one will do.

This boldness in tone is matched with an equally bold look and feel - the elements of the logo running through the DNA of the visual language.

The Making Of visual language speaks to movement and optimism. In of itself, the arrow and the circle are strong graphic symbols, but combined with brand or product imagery, they form a powerful and distinctive graphic language.

The brand embodies everything the team at The Making Of stands for: Sustainable clothing and accessories ready to change your world.

Image from case study
Image from case study

"Jamie at Hello Morning has delivered an exciting brand that One+All is delighted with. He's guided us through the brand development process and kept the commercial needs of the new brand at the heart of our collaboration. With The Making Of, we have a fantastic brand name and identity to help us stand out in a crowded space."

Caroline Hopley, Marketing Lead
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