Bringing a new audience to two games steeped in history

Hello Morning has created a brand for the T&RA that shifts the focus from history, firmly to the present, showcasing the dynamic and fast paced games of Real Tennis and Rackets.

Image from case study
Image from case study

The brand nods to the history of the sports while ensuring the games as they are played today are the main story. The endline, ‘A future built on history’ allows the brand to look forward while acknowledging this heritage.

The new logo combines the idea of ‘&’ with the crossed racquets of both games creating a uniquely ownable symbol for the games, underpinning efforts to be inclusive, and to grow the reach and appeal of the sports.

The graphic language is based around two key aspects of how both games are played: the many angles and choices of shots and the grand spaces they are played in. These spaces are evoked by graphic lines and rectangles that help add meaning and vibrancy to the imagery, as well as a bright new palette.

The refreshed font choice for the brand delivers both sporty and dynamic headers, with body copy that is both clean and readable.

These elements all combine to deliver a much stronger focus on the pace, skill and energy that comes from playing or watching these fantastic games.

HelloMorning delivered the new brand identity and assets, along with an online brand portal to keep the organisations game plan co-ordinated. PLAY!

Image from case study
Image from case study

“The rebrand project has been an exciting opportunity to completely update the T&RA brand so we can better showcase our dynamic games to the wider world. Working with HelloMorning to create the brand has been an exhilarating experience; opening our eyes to a fresh approach across all our channels”

Chris Davies, CEO, Tennis & Rackets Association
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