Longevity Box

Going beyond packaging to build trust and excitement around longevity for every age group.

Longevity Box are a UK startup in the longevity science space, creating food supplements that can improve your cellular health, and contribute to a longer and healthier life. Hello Morning have created a brand that can speak to audiences from young to old, also reflected in the new tag line, ‘Life. Upgraded’.

Image from case study
Image from case study

The visual language dramatises the idea of the box. The longevity frame can tell different stories, contain imagery or product information. From the heart of the logo, this dynamic graphic framework runs across product, social and beyond.

The goal for the brand is to become a trusted voice in this burgeoning new industry. Beyond simply a store, the ambition is to become a destination for trusted information in a space that is new and constantly changing.

Image from case study
Image from case study

“Hello morning have done amazing things with our brand and we could not be happier with the outcome. We wanted to transform into a more energetic and vibrant brand which they have captured perfectly in the resulting assets. We look forward to working with them again in the future and will be delighted to recommend them to anyone going on similar brand journeys.”

Max Way, Founder, Longevity Box
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